The Braiins team has decided to stop supporting the ZEC mining pool from September 1, 2022. We are a Bitcoin-first mining company, and we want to actively improve only those services related to Bitcoin mining. We have always considered ZEC mining as an additional service valuable to some of our clients. But given the latest development and issues in the Zcash ecosystem, we will stop providing this service, which cannot reach the level of sufficient quality that we want to provide to our clients. We realize this will be an inconvenience to some of our mining partners, and we want to emphasize that limiting the impacts of the Zcash upgrade on the miners was out of our hands. With the upcoming renaming of the Pool, we think now is also the right time to discontinue this service.

Today starts the last month of ZEC mining with Slush Pool. On September 1, the ZEC mining servers will be stopped. Please use this time to reconnect your miners to other ZEC pools and collect your rewards. If you need to export any data from mining, please do so during August. From September onward, the Slush Pool will be accessible only for payouts. The mining dashboard section will be not accessible anymore. After September, all the ZEC related data will disappear from the Braiins Pool completely.

It’s important to mention that Bitcoin mining will not be affected by this change. Our team is still focused on delivering the best Bitcoin mining experience to you, and we are continuously working to improve other Bitcoin related services (e.g., Braiins OS+, Farm Proxy, Mining Insights).

It’s a privilege to have you mine with us.